John Lowery


I am a BHS graduate, a Snead graduate, and a JSU graduate. I have teaching certification in History, English, and Special Education, including BS and MS degrees. I was a teacher at DAR prior to returning to BHS.

Currently, I am teaching World History to the Present.

I usually teach United States History to 1877. 
For the past several years I have been participating in a federal grant program called DTAH (Developing Teachers As Historians). Including a tremendous amount of personal resources to use in teaching, I was given the opportunity to travel to many of the locations about which I teach. The summer trips began with the American Colonial period leading to the American Revolution and ended with World War II...and Hollywood. The locations included Boston, Philadelphia, Lexington, Concord, New York, Washington DC, Harrisburg, Baltimore, Chicago, Kansas City, Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, plus many other places as well.

I have walked the paths of Paul Revere, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Ben Franklin, coal miners in Pennsylvania, astronauts, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan; and many others in between. It has been a fantastic experience that I try to bring to my students.

Part of the DTAH instructional philosophy is to limit or leave the textbook behind and expand the students' experience to as many primary sources as possible.
"...hold the the document...experience history...make history...don't just read about history"